Menu for Eat-In or Carry-Out

     Before moving on to our menu let us take a moment to explain how we prepare our chicken.


     First, our chicken is never frozen, it is always fresh. We get frest boneless, skinless chicken breasts  on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We hand batter each piece and cook it in peanut oil until it is a golden brown.


     We cannot control the portion sizes of the chicken breasts we receive from the distributor so sometimes they are smaller than we prefer (4 to 6 oz pieces are desired). If we get the smaller sizes we will add additional pieces on the sandwiches and in boxes to make sure you are happy with your selection.


     On a regular chicken sandwich we place one piece of chicken on a warm bun and two pieces on a large sandwich. We then smother it with our copyrighted MIDAS CHICKEN SAUCE©. Through the years others have continually tried to copy our delicious one of a kind sauce but none have suceeded. The only place to get the real MIDAS CHICHEN SAUCE© is right here at Midas Burger.


A quick word about our speciality CHICKEN SALADS:


We have two sizes of chicken salads, a large (served on a three-compartment styrofoam plate) and a small (served in a clear plastic container. Both salads contain: fresh lettuce, carrots, grated cheeze, tomatoes and onions. Salad dressings of your choice, but most prefer our homemade ranch or our MIDAS CHICKEN SAUCE (my personal favorite).  On the large salad we use two pieces of chopped boneless chicken breast. On the small we use one chopped chicken breast. Most (depending upon our chicken supplier) of the time the breast weight between four to six ounces. Crackers are also provided.



Further, Please allow cooking time. ALL orders are prepared when ordered.


The order in which you receive your food may not be in the order it was placed. Some items may take 15-25 minutes to prepare. Call-in orders will usually be filled before walk-ins or drive-up orders.



Food for Every Taste

Call For Pickup

For pickup orders please call:


Hours We Are Open

Monday - Saturday 10:30 am to 7:00 pm

Drive-thru will stay open to 7:30


Notice: In the winter, the lobby will close at 6:30 pm, but the drive-thru will remain open until 7:00




Closed Sundays and most major holidays.



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Days We Are Open

Open six days Monday - Saturday.


Always closed on Sundays and most major holidays.