New Things

There's always something happening at Midas Burger.


For nearly fifty years we have served our famous chicken sandwich smothered in our Midas Chicken Sauce©. But every now and then we like to try something new.


We will use this page to introduce you to these items, so check often.


Also specials will be featured here too.


Speaking of our famous Midas Chicken Sauce. In a month or two we may be having an exciting announcement - we are in the process of bottling our sauce for commercial sale. We're hoping it will be available for purchase within your local supermaket for your convenience shortly. 


Just forget about that previous paragraph, we thought this day was never going to come but here it is....the day is finally here...


This is a new update 14 May 2018. We are still having problems getting a company to bottle our Midas Chicken Sauce. The first two companies we have used did not provide us with the sauce that we have been accustomed to using for the past fifty or so years, but we have a third company now that just recently sent us a sample of our sauce that had a taste that was close to being perfect, but not close enough. We are expected another sample run at any time. Sorry, it has taken us so long to get Midas Burger Sauce commercially bottled and ready for your consumption. Maybe it won't be too long now... 

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